WHAT'S NEW by Dr. Fred Carter
  Welcome to the Gigand web site, we invite you to spend some time looking over our line of knives.
The Gigand Co. is continually adding new designs and making changes to the existing line.  We will keep you updated on new developments here and also bring you in depth information about our knives
Shockwave Shown in Carbon Fiber
  Under the Shockwave section you will notice that the handles on these knives are constructed using carbon fiber and G-10 overlays.  These space age materials are used as overlays on the Shockwave,  Spectrum and Titan models.



Blades in the new Titan, Spectrum and Shockwave knives are now Cryogenically tempered. In this process the steel is brought to -300F in liquid nitrogen after heat treatment. This process not only greatly improves the edge holding ability (as much as 100%), but it also makes the blade much tougher and stronger. The Gigand Co. is constantly striving to bring you the best knife on today's market.

You will find Gigand knives high in quality, beautiful in design and Competitively priced.


  The TITAN design has been expanded into several new knives.  This beautiful knife is now being produced in solid titanium with two graphic designs, anodized aluminum both with and without the drilled hole pattern and with the carbon fiber and G-10 overlays.  The anodized colors available are black, blue, dark green, silver, red and gold.  The solid titanium designs have ATS-34 blades with all others having  AUS-8A steel which has been cryogenically tempered.
Spectrum shown in carbon fiber